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Space NFTs: Your Passport to Profit-Sharing

At REGEN, we’re taking the concept of virtual space ownership to the next level. For every virtual space we create, a corresponding NFT will be minted. But these aren’t just any NFTs; they come with a host of benefits designed to enrich your experience and investment.

Why Own a Space NFT?

  • Profit-Sharing: As a Space NFT owner, you’ll share in the profits generated by the space. Whether it’s from access fees or special events, a portion of the revenue will go directly to you.
  • Free Access: Own a Space NFT? Enjoy complimentary access to your space, and extend this privilege to your guests as well.
  • Exclusive Art NFTs: As a token of our appreciation, Space NFT owners will receive free art NFTs, curated by our talented team of artists.
  • Community Voting Rights: Have a say in the future developments and events in your space. Your NFT grants you voting rights on various community decisions.
  • Special Invitations: Receive exclusive invites to virtual events, webinars, and community meetups, giving you unparalleled access to the pulse of the REGEN ecosystem.